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The client will be advised and the site architecture

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The best place to start and develop a more successful website.

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"Free Quote"

Exploration of the light of the project and an evaluation of your portfolio.

And only to projects with a considerable budget (read +$5,000).

In (99.99%) of cases you will not get a free consultation. What you get instead is a kind of light scan of the project and an assessment of your portfolio from the company/independent professional/agency that receives “Free Quote”.

The truth is that websites don’t fall so easily into one category or the other, it’s not a ready-made product that you can buy “off the shelf”.

For ordinary people, it is not so obvious the difference between the sites, even more so if you are over 50 years old and do not use the Internet for a long time.

But you will think you made a good deal actually throwing money out the window (that $200). If you are lucky and the so-called “web design” company did such a bad job that it appears in Google, it will not hurt too much image organization.

Like any mini trick on the Internet, those who most often fall into the trap are those looking for low prices, in our case sites as cheap as possible.

Acces SSH

First stage: consulting

The client will be advised and the site architecture will be developed. This step is necessary in the site development (graphic performance and database structure planning).

Second phase: graphic design

Once the site architecture was finalized and approved by the client and the OpenZone representative, we begin to implement the graphic design. Your presentation will be made and may require graphic changes at any time during this phase.

Third phase: property services

We will use the final version approved by your design.

The design will be designed to fit the content and administrative functions required by the client.

We will proceed to make your part of the site appointments.

Fourth phase: site testing and delivery

We will test all functions of the site and the public administration before delivering the site.

You will be able to see the status of the work yourself at any time.

24/7 Technical Support

We are 100% committed to creating the best Web Hosting experience for our customers.

Our technical support agents are friendly, highly skilled and more than willing to help you even with non-hosting related issues.


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