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Does it matter where I buy my domain name?

A word or phrase can be used as a domain name.

Once you have decided on the domain name you wish to use, the next step is to choose a registrar for the registration of your domain name.

Depending on the registrar, the price, the services offered, the ease of use, the management system, etc., registrars vary.

The Registrar is the company that takes the registration information of your domain name and reserves it in the main registry.

When looking for a domain registrar, you should consider:


The prices you pay for your domain can vary greatly from registrar to registrar. When comparing prices, consider the other services the registrar includes, their customer service, testimonials, etc.


Your chosen registrar must be accredited by ICANN. ICANN maintains a list of accredited domain registrars. If the registrar you have chosen is a reseller of an accredited registrar, you should inform them which registrar they represent.


Take the time to read and understand the terms and conditions of your domain name registration. Be aware of the ownership clause and other conditions.


Initially, do not register your domain name for more than one year. This will give you time to evaluate your registrar before committing more, and also to evaluate your domain name in case you want to use another one.


A domain name registration usually takes no more than 48 hours.

Transfer Policy

You can usually transfer your domain to another registrar with no restrictions other than those imposed by ICANN. Check with the registrar for other restrictions and limitations.

Customer Support

Check if phone, chat or email support is available.


Does the registrar offer a domain name management panel for you to manage your own domain name? Do all changes have to go through them?

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