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Outgoing mail servers - SMTP

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SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is responsible for sending e-mails.

The ability to support e-mail services includes two critical functions: SMTP and POP3. Together, they allow the user to send outgoing mail and retrieve incoming mail, respectively.

An SMTP server performs two basic functions:

▸ Checks that anyone attempting to send outgoing mail through the SMTP server is authorized to do so.
▸ The SMTP server sends outgoing mail and, if undeliverable, returns the message to the sender.

If you are using an email client, you will need to configure the SMTP server to be able to send outgoing email.

Some hosting providers do not offer SMTP services because they can be difficult to maintain. If your hosting provider does not offer SMTP service, another option is to use your Internet service provider’s SMTP service.