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Page & Website Analysis plans an important

role in the search engine optimization (SEO).

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Competition is high on the Internet and the next - click - is done very quickly.

If your potential audience does not easily find your products and services through the most popular search engines, your website is not accessible.

If your location is online and your content is not interpretable at first glance, it will quickly move on to the next bidder.

Guarantee of success?

There is no guarantee of success on the Internet. But technical errors can be avoided beforehand, the more likely it is that success will appear. But in the end, it all depends on the products or services offered and a very well prepared overview.

Was everything taken into account at the time of presentation?

Even all technological directive lines are taken into account, if the information provided is properly prepared, if the website is entered in the search engines and yet it does not see any success, there was a many chances to increase the popularity of this on the Internet.

Since this knowledge is based on our experience, it will be described in the following lines. By meeting personally with you we are prepared to discuss the next steps.

The benefits of evaluating a website:

Excessive use of advanced technology

A first contact with a site sick of technical "tricks" (background music, etc.) The visitor may be impressed, but if he repeats the visits, these "tricks" become annoying.

Complex backgrounds

A complex background can be a beautiful work of art, but it is disastrous in supporting the content of the text. It misleads. Also, the designer should use contrasting colors for the background and text. Even if they put an image of the background color you have to choose a place that does not interfere with the text.

Orphan' pages

All pages must be clearly specified belonging to the site and there is a link back to the main page, because visitors can first go to a secondary page, indirectly, without passing on the main page.

'Under construction'

Designers should sign the poster 'Under Construction', as they are not confident of solving their problem: the page is recognizable whether it has the poster or not.

Abuse of graphics

The abundance of graphics makes a website very difficult to load, to ensure that visitors get bored waiting for a page to load, the website should not rely entirely on graphics.

When choosing images, the designer would have to include only those that add value to the site's content, for which he would have to "shrink" the size.


True designer should limit himself to use only one or two types of fonts, since the site should provide information, not an accomplice. In addition, when the text is too large or too small, it is difficult to read, the text should be "normal" and the title to be a little higher (from +1 to +3). No portions of underlined text more important for reading will be cumbersome and confusing, since the links are indicated by portions of underlined text.

Too much animation

Moving images have an overwhelming effect on the vision and distract the visitor's attention away from other elements, so there should be no more than one or two constantly animated elements on the page.

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We check the web appearances of nice content, training information, search engine boosting, site structure, and are particularly attentive to basic programming.

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