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5 useful PHP LMS
scripts you should know

One of the most important developments in educational technology ( LMS )
is the rise of learning management systems.

The academic world is evolving with the rise of computer systems (LMS) and technology-based tools that enable learning in virtual environments. One of the most important developments in educational technology is the rise of learning management systems. These systems facilitate the delivery of educational content to a group of people and provide feedback, testing, community support and other forms of online educational support and services.


What are PHP LMS scripts?

Corporate entities are starting to use LMS tools to deliver internal training. Meanwhile, many other education service-based businesses are using these platforms to deliver their virtual products or services.

For the most part, some businesses and companies would opt to use an existing LMS provider such as Teachable, Lynda, or Thinkific. But there are some cases where they might need a more customized site for their needs.


Building an LMS-based website from scratch can be a start-up cost of doing business, with a large portion of that cost going to coding the system. Fortunately, people have access to PHP LMS Scripts.

These scripts are ready-made PHP scripts or files filled with the code needed to run a custom learning management system. Whether you are launching a new LMS or looking to upgrade an existing one, finding the right hosted learning management system is essential to ensure that your LMS runs smoothly and effectively.

Companies and individuals can purchase these PHP LMS scripts at a lower cost compared to building everything from scratch. With the help of a developer, companies can customize that script to best suit their needs and run their own standalone LMS.

With technology evolving and improving rapidly, it’s crucial to work with skilled, experienced developers and experts who are up to date on current trends. Fortunately, there is no shortage of experts, especially now that professionals can pursue cybersecurity degrees online.

Advantages of PHP LMS scripts

Using a script for a PHP learning management system provides its own set of challenges. For one thing, it’s a bit more complicated than using a ready-made system. But creating one from a PHP LMS script gives you more flexibility and allows you to add visual and functional parts that other LMS services may not be able to provide.

In the long run, using a PHP LMS script can also be more cost-effective. Learning management system companies usually charge a monthly or yearly recurring fee in addition to taking a cut of payments made through their website, adding up to a large cost after a few years.

With a PHP LMS script, you can build a system on a private domain and hosting. In this case, there is only an upfront cost and very little goes to recurring costs such as hosting and domain name registration.

PHP scripts for LMS usually have a full set of functionality that completes the online learning experience, these include:

✓ Email notification systems,
✓ Payment gateways,
✓ Mobile dashboards,
✓ Social Logins,
✓ Electronic certificate generators,
✓ User management, etc.

When evaluating PHP LMS scripts

Al evaluar scripts PHP LMS

Selecting a PHP script for your learning management solution will involve some evaluation, as there are many options and factors to consider. Here are some evaluation criteria to think about when you are selecting the best PHP LMS scripts for your context:


Cybercrime is the new form of heist in today’s highly digitized world. People and bots with malicious intent try to hack into systems all the time to steal information, financial records, content and anything else they can profit from.

That’s why it’s important to choose a system that follows all security best practices, including encryption of financial records, user authentication, user confirmation, social logins, etc.


Learning and development should certainly be a priority for investment, but you also need to find a script that costs no more than building a complete system from scratch.


In some cases, LMS creators don’t lose money buying the script. They lose money on modifications because they downloaded a script that did not provide the features they needed. 39% of users consider functionality to be an important aspect of a learning management system, so it is essential to first analyze what features your LMS will need to best serve your employees or customers.

The more features, the more expensive the script will be, and not all features are considered “must-haves” in general. For example, there is no reason for an internal LMS to need a paid gateway unless employees are going to pay for their training, which is usually not the case.

Code cleanliness refers to how organized the scripts are when they come to you. Code alterations and debugging websites can become headaches if the script is not organized and aligned correctly. Check customer reviews before buying an LMS script and see what people have to say about the content of virtual packages.

The best PHP LMS scripts

We have compiled a list of some excellent PHP LMS scripts that you could use to create your e-learning platforms. Check them out and see if any of them might better meet your contextual needs.

Menorah is a great PHP LMS script that provides all kinds of solutions for companies, their instructors and students. Some of the features it has include: an assignment management dashboard, profile and records management, credit system, student management profile search, messaging, internal communications, and many others. For people looking to create LMS to offer courses for sale, you can also use Menorah’s integrations to fintechs such as PayPal, PayU, Stripe, Razorpay, and 2Checkout.

Cost: $59

Teachify offers a system that HR departments, trainers, schools, personal trainers and teachers can use to deliver e-learning programs with a ready-made system and dashboard to create, deliver and consume learning content. Teachify allows creators to build courses, lessons, quizzes, assignments to test a student’s competence and learning.

The system also has an integrated data analytics dashboard that helps automatically track completion rates, revenue and student tracking. In addition to online payments, its payment gateway also accepts bank transfers and offline payments.

Cost: $299

Menorah OES is a PHP LMS script that provides users with online tests and quizzes. It can also gate these tests in cases where content creators and teachers want to add a price tag to the test and add logins. It also supports social logins for easy account creation and access to tests.

Cost: $59

Online Learning Management Script is one of the most cost-effective options on this list, as it only retails for $25. Despite that, it has all kinds of ready-made scripts for functions such as dashboards, subject management, the ability to add materials, assignments, and an event calendar among other things. It also has user and activity logs, and basic online quiz capabilities.

Cost: $25

Modern EMS is a PHP e-learning management script that provides all kinds of features and capabilities, including academic year management, student and teacher portals, document managers, user logs, activity logs, and many others. It also supports quizzes and tests.

Cost: $49

In summary

Learning management systems are an integral part of the e-learning push. As the world enters the post-COVID-19 era, many businesses, companies, organizations and institutions have expressed that they will be using LMS tools in the future, whether managing online or offline schools. That said, it is safe to say that LMS tools will be the future of learning as a whole.

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