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Google Search Updates:

About the author, various opinions and much more

Google enhances search with “About the author” and other features, allowing users to evaluate online information and sources.



  • Google is improving search features to help users evaluate online information.
  • Google is expanding “About Result” with an “About the Author” section.
  • Content alerts will be displayed for searches with limited or rapidly changing information, expanding to multiple languages.

Google is improving the way it helps searchers evaluate information and discover different points of view.

Finding accurate and reliable information can be daunting as the Internet grows and evolves.

In response to this challenge, Google is taking the initiative to provide users with new tools.

Google has announced the introduction of the following updates to search results:

  • Presentation of “About the author”.
    Expansion of “About the result

  • Easier access to “About the result”

  • Adding diverse perspectives to the main stories

  • Notices about information gaps

    This announcement comes on the eve of International Fact-Checking Day on April 2 and highlights the importance of information literacy and reliable sources.

About this Author Provides Background on the Author

Google is expanding the “About this result” feature to include a new element called “About this author”.

By tapping the three dots on any search snippet, you can access more information about the background and experience of authors whose content appears in Google Search.

Google’s announcement does not specify where it gets the author information from. I have contacted a Google representative for clarification and will update this article with more details.

This feature will be available in English search results worldwide.

The "About this result" function is globalized.

Google’s “About this result” feature will soon be available in all languages in which the search engine is accessible.

Users will be able to tap the three dots next to search snippets to learn more about the source of the information and how Google’s systems have determined its usefulness.

This context can help users decide which websites to visit and which results to trust.

New Perspectives feature offers diverse opinions

Google is introducing a new feature called “Insights,” which will appear under “Top Stories” and will display opinions from various journalists, experts and relevant voices on searched topics.

The goal of this feature is to offer a variety of unique viewpoints on news topics, complementing the authoritative information already found in “Top Stories.”

This carousel will be launched soon in English in the United States for desktop and mobile devices.

About this page more accessible

Google is making it easier to access “About this page” information.

Now, users can type a URL into Google Search and the “About this page” information will appear at the top of the search results.

This feature is now available worldwide in English.

google update

Content alerts address information gaps

Google Search will automatically display content warnings when a topic evolves rapidly or when Google’s systems are not fully confident in the quality of the available results.

In the coming months, Google plans to extend these alerts to new languages, such as German, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.

In summary

Google’s dedication to providing users with tools to judge and understand search results is important in our digital age.

By improving and generalizing features such as “About this result,” “Insights” and “About this author,” users can make smarter decisions about what they read online.

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