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wordpess seo
How to create, distribute and monitor a WordPress sitemap for SEO optimization?
Have you ever wondered why your website is not getting the visibility it deserves in search engines? Why some pages of your site are not indexed? Maybe the answer lies...
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technical seo vs seo
Technical SEO vs SEO: What is the difference between one and the other?
Generally speaking, “SEO” is everything you do on your site that has an impact on how search engines view it. This includes everything from site metadata, to page speed, to...
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Costa Rica
Tourist SEO or how to make the most of droplets
Sorry, but it's better to get it right, and in tourism, getting SEO results is not easy. And not because it means you're not riding the euro/dollar wave, you're not...
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google busqueda
Google Search Updates: About the author, various opinions and much more
Google enhances search with "About the author" and other features, allowing users to evaluate online information and sources. Google is improving the way it helps searchers evaluate ...
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Scale Seo Ecommerce
SEO for E-Commerce: How to attract more traffic
Discover how SEO for eCommerce can help your business (online store) and the steps to improve your site's performance in search results. To increase your website's exposure in search results...
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SEO para Móviles
Mobile SEO: How to optimize your site for any device?
Let's take a tour. You do a quick Google query and read a bunch of results. Then, you locate several websites that have the answer you're looking for. But the...
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SaaS metrics and KPIs that will enable you to predict your business growth
Starting a software and services (SaaS) business is a challenge. On the one hand, you have to deal with various problems that often arise when launching the service, and on...
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Google Analytics 4
Google Analytics 4: Complete e-commerce guide
You've certainly heard it right: Universal Analytics (UA) has likely been an essential tool for you and your team, and it will disappear completely on July 1, 2023. Google Analytics...
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