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Terms of use for affiliates

Participation in the Program constitutes full and complete acceptance of the Terms of Service.

Affiliate Terms and Conditions of Use


OpenZone (, "OpenZone", "we", "us"), is a Costa Rican based company with registered office in La Fortuna, San Carlos, Alajuela, Costa Rica, 100m north of Iglesia Evangélica, Barrio Jauri. This agreement is between OpenZone and each of its Affiliates. "You", "Your" refers to each and every Affiliate of the OpenZone Affiliate Program. Participation in the Program constitutes full and complete acceptance of the Terms of Service set forth herein.


The primary purpose of the Affiliate Program is to reward and provide an opportunity for OpenZone Affiliates to promote OpenZone's services and enhance OpenZone's brand awareness through all methods approved by OpenZone. Any use of the affiliate program that does not meet the primary purpose of the affiliate program, adversely affects other affiliates or OpenZone's reputation and interest may be considered a violation of these Terms of Service.


As an OpenZone affiliate you understand and agree to the following terms:

⦿ You are only allowed to open and manage one affiliate account; odd accounts will be closed at our sole discretion.

⦿ You are required to register and maintain accurate and truthful contact information with OpenZone.

⦿ You are solely responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of your site and all materials appearing on your site and at your own expense.

⦿ You are obligated to ensure that all materials posted on your site are not defamatory or otherwise unlawful or infringe the intellectual property rights of others.

⦿ You understand and agree that since we have no control over your site, we disclaim any responsibility for matters posted, hosted or distributed through your site, even if it includes promotional materials from OpenZone affiliates.

⦿ You are obligated to provide, to the best of your ability, the correct and latest information regarding the advertised service. By this, you agree that the use of template content, including but not limited to reviews, comments and ratings, is against the principle of advertising correctness.

⦿ You will indemnify and hold us harmless from all claims, damages and expenses (including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees) related to the development, operation, maintenance and content of your site. This indemnification provision is without prejudice to our separate action or claim against you under applicable laws.

⦿ The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires that connections between advertisers and endorsers be conspicuously disclosed. Blogs, websites, ratings and reviews sites and the like must disclose the compensation arrangement with the advertiser. As such, you must state the financial relationship between you and OpenZone in a prominent place on your websites to comply with the FTC. OpenZone reserves the right to temporarily or permanently close your affiliate account if it is determined that you are not in compliance with applicable FTC regulations. OpenZone will be the sole arbiter as to what constitutes non-compliance.

⦿ We reserve the right to request additional information on all channels used to promote OpenZone services. Failure to provide accurate information may result in loss of commissions, suspension of affiliate account or permanent exclusion from the program.

⦿ Affiliate materials may not be placed within unsolicited email, unauthorized postings in newsgroups, or chat rooms, or through the use of “bots”. Illegally generated traffic will not be counted and may result in termination of your affiliate account with us.

⦿ You will not knowingly benefit from known or suspected traffic not generated in good faith, whether or not it actually causes harm to OpenZone. In the event that fraudulent activity arises through a person directed to a site through your link, we reserve the right to retract commissions paid to you at any time. Our decision in this regard will be final and no correspondence will be entered into. We reserve the right to withhold all amounts due to you under this Agreement if we have reasonable grounds to believe that such traffic was caused with your knowledge. Even if you have not knowingly generated such traffic, we reserve the right to withhold affiliate commissions with respect to such.

⦿ You are obligated to act to the best of your ability to refer customers in good standing.


A customer in good standing is understood to be, but not limited to, the following

⦿ Hosting account owner who has provided complete and valid information during the signup process.

⦿ Customer has not been flagged for fraud review or high risk of fraud.

⦿ The customer has signed up for OpenZone Hosting services intentionally and independently.

⦿ The customer has used his/her own personal or company credit/debit card or PayPal account.

⦿ A customer who has agreed to all Terms of Service during the sign-up process and has not intentionally or unintentionally violated any policies related to the general and hosting related terms of service.

⦿ Commissions generated by referred customers who are not considered to be in good standing may be rejected. OpenZone reserves the right to determine which sale meets these requirements.


No podrá modificar ni utilizar para ningún otro fin los derechos de propiedad intelectual, banners u otro material creativo suministrado por nosotros sin el consentimiento previo por escrito de OpenZone. Todos los avisos de derechos de autor o de propiedad intelectual sobre cualquier material suministrado o aprobado por OpenZone deben permanecer y no ser modificados o eliminados. The look and feel and syntax of hypertext transfer links are designed and designated by us and constitute the only authorized and permitted representation of OpenZone.


By agreeing to participate in the OpenZone Affiliate Program, you agree to download banners, text or promotional material and place it on your website, use it within an email, do direct marketing using your affiliate URL or print it. These are the only approved methods by which you may advertise OpenZone products and services.


OpenZone será el único árbitro en cuanto a lo que constituye una venta no conforme y podrá rechazar una comisión si tenemos motivos razonables para creer que el método publicitario utilizado es inadecuado. OpenZone considera inapropiados los siguientes métodos de publicidad y se rechazarán las comisiones generadas a través de uno de los siguientes métodos:

⦿ Unsolicited mass mailing campaigns, spam or any illegal method of advertising.

⦿ Use of pay-per-click, pay-per-action, pay-per-impression, pop-up/under, link exchange/banner or similar campaigns that use OpenZone’s name, trademark or other phrases containing OpenZone or misspelled variations of the OpenZone trademark or link directly to OpenZone’s website.

⦿ Savings campaigns advertising vouchers, coupons, cash back offers, discount codes or other financial incentives.

⦿ Any sales generated through cloaking, masking, iframe, or any other techniques other than actual click-through methods of affiliate links/banners, not explicitly permitted by OpenZone, will be considered inappropriate.

⦿ Your site may not contain illegal or pornographic material. Your site may not engage in racial, religious or any other type of discrimination, nor promote violence towards any gender, religion or race.

⦿ Sites involved in the distribution of illegal or copyrighted materials may not participate in the OpenZone affiliate program.

⦿ The domain name of the affiliate site may not contain the word “OpenZone” or misspelled variations of OpenZone in any form.

⦿ Advertising pages may not advertise coupons, vouchers, cashback offers, discount codes or other financial incentives in the metadata, title, description and URL. The use of the following words in the URL, title, metadata and page description is prohibited: “coupon”, “discount”, “offer”, “promo or promotion”, “cashback”, “% off or OFF %” OpenZone may reject commissions generated through pages/sites/domains that attract traffic solely on the basis of financial incentives without creating real user value and useful resources.

⦿ Referral of family members and close relatives is considered a referral and not an affiliate sale. Affiliates may be compensated for such sales only as part of our Referral Program with up to 3 months of free hosting on a standard shared hosting package without the option to take advantage of any active promotions or additional free services.

⦿ Advertising through social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, to name a few, containing OpenZone,, “OpenZone” or any other misspelled variation of OpenZone in any form.

⦿ OpenZone reserves the right to decide whether the advertising method used is appropriate. Even if the method used is not included in the above list, OpenZone may decide that it is inappropriate on a case-by-case basis.

Paid Search Policy

OpenZone has no objection if you serve paid advertisements (without using the OpenZone brand terms) to drive traffic to a page on your site that contains an OpenZone affiliate link. You are bound by the following rules when bidding on keywords on any paid search engine or social media site, including, without limitation, Google, Yahoo/Bing, DuckDuckGo, Twitter and Facebook:

1. You are prohibited from competing with or interfering with OpenZone’s direct mail efforts.

2. You agree not to use, advertise or otherwise promote any OpenZone trademark in the headline or description copy associated with pay-per-location search engines or paid search engine advertising.

3. You are prohibited from bidding on any OpenZone Trademark or any variation or misspelling thereof without OpenZone’s prior written approval. This means, among other things, that Affiliate will not bid (with respect to online advertising, including but not limited to Pay Per Click or Pay Per Impression campaigns) on any keywords or phrases containing OpenZone trademarks, service marks, trademarks or registered URLs, or any variations, abbreviations or misspellings thereof. Examples of prohibited keywords are “OpenZone”, “OpenZone”, “”, “”, “Open Zone”, “OpenZone reviews”, “OpenZone host”, “OpenZone hosting” and “OpenZone Comment”.

4. Bidding on keywords containing OpenZone trademarks plus an additional term such as [OpenZone coupons], [OpenZone offers] and [OpenZone promotions] is prohibited. In addition, Affiliates are NOT allowed to match any of these keywords.

5. Outperforming OpenZone’s internal paid search ad on any of the keywords is prohibited.

6. It is prohibited to link directly to or any subdomain thereof from any paid search advertisement.

7. Using or any variation, abbreviation or misspelling as a display URL is prohibited.

Unsubstantiated claims

OpenZone is not responsible for any loss of funds invested in paid advertising campaigns that have generated commissions that do not comply with our Terms of Service and that have been sequentially rejected according to these same terms.

2. OpenZone is not responsible for the payment of any advertiser fees, including any fees charged by Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, DuckDuckGo, for you to receive Commissions.

3. You are bound by the following rules when bidding on keywords on any paid search engine or social networking site, including but not limited to Google, Yahoo/Bing, DuckDuckGo, Twitter and Facebook.

If OpenZone determines, in its sole discretion, that you have violated any of the foregoing prohibitions, OpenZone may seek all remedies available to it, including, without limitation, immediate termination of this Agreement and/or commencement of an action by OpenZone against you seeking, without limitation, injunctive relief and/or recovery of actual, statutory and/or punitive damages. You further acknowledge and agree that you will not be entitled to receive any commissions on sales that you generate or assist in generating during any time that you violate this Agreement or other OpenZone policies.
All materials, including, without limitation, advertising copy, coupons and promotions on your Affiliate Site must accurately represent active and valid promotions. For example, you may not display an advertisement on your Affiliate Site for a promotion that has expired or is specifically allowed only for certain other affiliates. We continue to monitor all paid search landscapes. If you are found to be in violation of this section, your participation in the Affiliate Program may be terminated. For more information on match types, please visit Google's overview of match types.


OpenZone's affiliate program is tracked through browser cookies. Cookies are placed when a visitor clicks on an affiliate link while being redirected to the link landing page. This process involves a redirect to the URL of our affiliate program. In case of technical, hardware, software or other problems that prevent the proper functioning of our Affiliate System, cookies may not be placed. OpenZone is not responsible for any losses during such periods. Claims for such fees will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, but OpenZone reserves the right to decide whether or not the claim is legitimate.
Cookies are stored for a minimum period of 10 days, but this period can be modified with or without notice. OpenZone is not responsible for any possible loss of commissions caused by the intentional or unintentional deletion of cookies by users, or in the event that the user registers to our services through a different browser, computer, or while using the Incognito/Privacy Mode of your browser.
If a previous affiliate cookie exists in the customer's browser, new cookies will overwrite it, so sales will be recorded by the name of the affiliate whose link/banner was last clicked.
A coupon code is not a valid tracking method if the visitor did not have a valid affiliate cookie at the time of purchase.


All commissions paid to Affiliates are calculated automatically and are based on the commission structure presented on the Affiliate's home page, unless otherwise stated in a different agreement or an addendum hereto, approved by both the Affiliate and OpenZone.
Commissions are paid under the following terms and requirements:

⦿ There has been a successful purchase of one of the following products by customers, referred to the OpenZone site via an affiliate link: Shared Hosting Packages; VPS/CLOUD Hosting Packages or Dedicated Servers.

⦿ The purchase has not been cancelled, reversed or revoked/refunded within 45 days by the customer or by us and the account is active at the time of payment.

⦿ The customer has been active at least once since the day of account creation and has actually used the hosting service.

⦿ The customer has created useful, consistent and meaningful content targeted to actual visitors. An exception will be systems made for internal use and the development of applications that do not necessarily need a website to function.

⦿ The client has not used the hosting service solely to create SEO oriented content, a traffic funnel network or a click generator.

⦿ The customer has not infringed any copyright laws.

⦿ The client has not used modified existing content, scraped content or existing content translated from another language without explicit permission, added value and the actual purpose of informing visitors about a certain topic.

⦿ All commissions are presented and paid in USD.

⦿ Each affiliate must have at least one commission approved prior to any payment request.

⦿ Commission levels are developed in a fair motivational way, created by the company for affiliates in order to constantly maintain success. Affiliates are entitled to join the default level upon registration and throughout the month they can use all legal sources to improve their performance and reach higher commission levels. The commission levels are level 1 (default), level 2, level 3 and level 4. At the beginning of each month, these levels are reset so that affiliates are automatically added to the default level, unless the validity period is exclusively determined otherwise by OpenZone in an additional agreement.

⦿ Switching from one commission level to another can only be done within a single campaign.

⦿ Commissions generated at one level are not updated to the next level, but only new commissions are counted for the new level.

⦿ All commissions are manually approved and paid to affiliates upon payment request if the commissions meet all conditions of these Terms of Service. Commissions do not automatically expire after 45 days. Commissions are reviewed after at least 45 days from the day of purchase, but also according to the schedule and workload of the affiliate department.

⦿ A valid commission is considered a one-time purchase made by a new customer and not on an existing customer or a subsequent renewal order. Only commissions with APPROVED status are paid to the affiliate and OpenZone is the only instance of approval.

⦿ The customer you refer has not previously used our services or signed up for an affiliate account with us before.

⦿ The customer completed their order processes without any assistance from you, even when you act on the customer’s behalf.

⦿ Commissions can only be paid through PayPal. In order for payments to be made through PayPal, you must provide us with the necessary information when you register.

⦿ OpenZone reserves the right to freeze any commission for the period of time necessary for such commission to be proven to be in compliance with our terms, at our own discretion, without giving any explanation or justification.

⦿ OpenZone reserves the right to refuse any sale at our discretion, without giving any explanation or justification.


OpenZone assumes ownership of the customer at the time of first contact with the customer. You, as an affiliate, act as a referring agent for OpenZone. We reserve the right to reject customers (or close their accounts) if necessary to comply with requirements we may establish from time to time.
Each party to this Agreement shall retain all right, title and interest in and to its names, logos, trademarks, service marks, service marks, trade dress, copyrights and proprietary technology, including, without limitation, those names, logos, trademarks, service marks, trade dress, copyrights and proprietary technology that it currently uses or may develop and/or use in the future.
By opening an account as a customer, that person or entity will become a Customer of OpenZone and, accordingly, all Customer rules, policies and operating procedures will apply to that person or entity.
During the term of this Agreement, you may be entrusted with confidential information relating to the business, operations or underlying technology of our affiliate program (including, for example, referral commissions earned by you under the program). You agree that you will not disclose or use the Confidential Information to third parties or outside parties unless you have our prior written consent and that you will use the Confidential Information only for purposes necessary to further the purposes of this Agreement. Your obligations with respect to the Confidential Information will survive termination of this Agreement.
You will indemnify and hold us harmless from and against all claims, damages and expenses (including, without limitation, attorneys' fees) related to the development, operation, maintenance and content of your site. This indemnification provision is without prejudice to any separate actions or claims we may bring against you under applicable law.
It is the affiliates' responsibility to follow the correct linking and labeling procedure to ensure follow-up and payment of new customers.
The presentation of our banners and content on the affiliate's site is the affiliate's responsibility. The affiliate must ensure that our content is presented in accordance with our schemes.
The affiliate must ensure that any material posted on its site is legal and does not infringe copyright or violate any illegal rights.


Either party may terminate this agreement at any time by written notice to the other party. Termination is at will, for any reason, by either party. For purposes of notice of termination, delivery by email is considered a form of immediate written notice.
In the event of termination of this Agreement

⦿ You shall remove the OpenZone banner(s) from your website and disable any links from your website to OpenZone.

⦿ All rights and licenses granted to you in this agreement are immediately terminated.

⦿ You will only be entitled to unpaid referral fees if any earned by you on or before the date of termination.

⦿ If you have breached your obligations and responsibilities, OpenZone reserves the right not to pay you any referral fees otherwise due to you at the time of termination.

⦿ You and OpenZone shall be released from all mutual obligations and liabilities occurring or arising after the date of such termination, except with respect to those obligations that by their nature are designed to survive termination as set forth in this Agreement. Termination shall not relieve you of any liability arising from any breach of this Agreement that occurred prior to termination.

OpenZone may modify any of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, at any time and at its sole discretion, by posting a notice of change or new agreement on the OpenZone website. Modifications may include changes to the scope of available referral fees, fee schedules, payment procedures and referral program rules.
OpenZone may modify this agreement at any time without notice.
It is your sole responsibility to keep yourself updated on the latest version of the terms and conditions of this agreement. You agree to keep yourself informed of any modifications to this agreement by periodically consulting the OpenZone website.
These Terms of Service do not create any agency, partnership, joint venture or franchise relationship. Neither party has the right or authority to, and shall not assume or create any obligation of any nature whatsoever on behalf of the other party or bind the other party in any respect.